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Create and customize elegant digital business cards and share them with anyone 4EVER.

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What is a Digital Business Card?

A digital business card is a virtual, electronic or Near Field Communication (NFC) card used to exchange contact information in a sustainable way. They're engaging, cost-effective, innovative and eco-friendly and can be used to supplement printed business cards.

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How does 4EVER cards work?

Share your contactless digital card with anyone, on any device.

Your recipients do not need to download an app or sign up to a new service - your card has a QR code and unique URL which can be shared with anyone, anywhere.

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The Benefits

Set Your Own Content

Include your preferred name, website links, social media and any other important information.

Customize The Design

Customizing your design is the best way to create a unique look. Add in a custom color and replace the standard shapes of your QR code with unique frames or pixelation designs.

Sharing your digital business card

You can share your 4EVER digital business card with anyone. You don't need an app. There are multiple ways to share your card:

Link sharing

Just incase your contact is not around to scan your 4EVER QR code, you can easily send the link to your card via email, SMS, Slack, and more.

QR code

Easily share your digital business card with anyone with your unique 4EVER QR code. You can even print your code on business cards, posters, or a billboard and—when scanned—it will always link to your digital business card.

Social media

Link your QR codes to your social media profile and the code will link people to your profile or page.


Enter a phone number—or choose someone from your phone’s address book—and send your digital business card with a tap!

Why 4EVER cards?

Going digital is no longer an option. Saving costs while increasing business relationships is a big win for any small business. With 4EVER cards you also get the benefit of supplementary business cards to make the transition into digital even more smoother. By having QR codes on your business cards, your customers will be able to scan them in a way that's more familiar to them. You also do not need an app to use our service, your unique QR code can be shared with anyone, anywhere. Last but not least, 4EVER cards is powered by 4OVER4-a premier print company with over 20 years supporting small businesses. We have a track record of having superior products and services. Plus, you can easily share the following information.

Coupon codes

Key mission of your business or your products


Contact information including your phone number and email address

Unique URL:

Payment information

What type of QR Codes can I create for free?

We offer these Static QR Codes that are completely for free and will never expire. Once generated, it’s yours forever but you will not be able to edit the content or track its scans.


Use this type to open a link to a webpage, contact form, or Youtube.


Use this type to create a digital business card with save to phone feature.

Plain Text

Use this type to display text in any language, of up to 300 characters.

sms text


Use this type to send a predefined text message to any phone number.


Use this type to send an email with a predefined message to any email address.


Use this type to connect to a WiFi network without typing the password.


Use this type to post a tweet, complete with a link and hashtags.


Use this type to request crypto payments from major cryptocurrencies.


Scanning a QR code for zoom meetings saves everyone's time and effort.

Plain text up to
1000 Characters

sms text

SMS up to
160 Characters

Whatsapp up to
750 Characters

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